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Sunday, April 01, 2012

'sbeen a while

Christ on a bike, why do I never write anything? Could it be related to never actually doing anything worth writing down? Well yes, it could, and indeed it is; but having said that, I did actually get out on my glorious On One Il Pompino today, and rode - well, a mile. But I hadn't ridden it for a couple of years before that, and it felt wonderful. All I need to make me feel even more wonderful is to have someone write a comment, having been directed here from my witless posts on Bike Snob NYC's blog. Now that's a real blog, by a genuinely interesting guy who gets out and does interesting stuff. I am not the same, but I have a whining excuse.


Blogger SaddleAmericana said...

a mile's better than nothing. consider this your comment resulting from BSNYC! keep pedaling, keep writing!

4:39 PM

Blogger o-J said...

Hot damn! A real live comment! Please don't mistake the sneering tone for actual sneering. I can't seem to help it, even though I'm genuinely grateful. And writing more would seem to go some way to earning the title "blog" and take the emphasis off the "waster" portion of my label. So: thank you for my first comment! I will try to earn more, courtesy of some actual writing.

1:52 PM


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