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Monday, October 30, 2006

Return of the native

Ah, the heroism. I went in to work again today, for the second time. And I found that my colleague Natasha, who's been unusually pleasant, is - as ever - eager to get herself into a position of power over me. And since I have MS and she doesn't, physically she has the whip hand. But she remains an irretrievable dimwit, even ignoring her various personality defects. I'm a petty sort of bastard, and it gets up my crack that she talks about the "Huh-mong" when the Hmong come up. How can such an ignorant cretin be working for an organisation like this? Anyway, I should stop whingeing. She's every bit as thick and idle as ever, but at least she's not being as obnoxious as before. Not yet, at least.


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